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I believe Borderlines to be the best song I’ve written, and probably the biggest under-achiever after being performed just a few times since 2009. As a 4 piece band in 2010 it was rarely played live and mostly left out of our set, but I always felt it meant something important to me. I think the Graystar project is, at heart, comfortable with being on the fringes of things, even if ignored and in obscurity, and for me Borderlines is a mirror of that spirit. It is also important to me because of the subject matter; the stigma and discrimination, the struggle for understanding and acceptance that many with mental health problems face is an often ignored issue in our society.

Jon Oswalt played the drums on the track in 2010, he’s a great drummer and I’m glad we recorded them so I could build the song. There’s a tiny sample from the film “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest” in there, I’ve always been a huge admirer of that great movie. Perhaps one day I’ll get to play it live again.




New Song: “Nonpersons”

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The UK government introduced a new law this summer, basically denying the right of UK citizens who have married a non-EU person to return freely to live back home. It has so far affected at least 18,000 families. It is not until you are directly discriminated upon that you realize how powerless you are against the controls of a government and that what you believed were your rights was just a facade. The fact that, for example, a non-British couple from the EU, living in Britain, have more rights and freedom to be there than a British citizen who has married an American, is surely a travesty of law-making. The British High Courts have deemed the new law “unjustified”, but the frightening dystopia envisioned by Orwell is really upon us; governments now have the power to monitor and control in ways never before possible, yet still act like they are representing and defending the “freedoms” of those living in such capitalist countries like Britain and the US. An “Unperson” in Orwell’s 1984 was someone who was erased along with all the documents of his or her existence, and this dismissal of the basic human right to marry who you want shows how sinister the machinations of this British government really are beneath its masquerade of being “modern and compassionate”. Exiled, you are really made to feel like a ‘Nonperson”.


I am Numbed, I am blind
I am safe, I am alive
And nothing is my fault
And I’m happy in myself

I am not a drowning man
Who is screaming in a gag
I’m no inconsequential being
A styrofoam man, with no meaning
And if there’s one life to live
Why should I sacrifice it?

For us,
War is peace
Freedom is slavery
And there’s one life, one chance at it.

In a Brave New World
We are glad to amuse ourselves.

New Graystar Website

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Thanks for visiting this new Graystar website, which is a change of address to This will be the new official site of Graystar.

The music has been floating around Facebook, Soundcloud and Myspace these last couple of years, so I’d like to make this the best place to listen to new music, find any gig information or release updates. First off is a new track called “Awake”, which was made in a day and a night and written on the guitar. Lyrics are below, the track is at the bottom. Hope you enjoy it. 

Sometimes I wonder why life is so hard and unkind
The trouble and heartache I find
Has withered and broken my mind

Sometimes I wonder why love is a shadow and veil
Feted by imperfect tales
A vision of all my travails

But I must believe it
Here in my heart
That life is worth the risk
It’s worth the risk

Some days I feel that we’re all at the end of a string
The muddle of every day things
Keeps us from being free

Sometimes I wonder why life isn’t keeping me awake
There’s always a wrong turn to make
Keeping me from my way


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